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Scientific and Production Company Ltd. “MELTA” is a collective enterprise established in 1993.

MELTA logo registered trademark (Certificate number 9631 of 30.04.1998)

LLC “MELTA” produces amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys based on technology rapid quenching of molten metal (PFC). This technology allows obtaining of materials with unique magnetic, mechanical and chemical properties.

LLC “MELTA” specializes in developing and manufacturing soft magnetic alloys and products. The company has complete production cycle starting from melting of original alloy and prodiction of amorphous alloy ribbons to manufacturing magnetic and electromagnetic products based on amorphous and nanocrystalline materials.

Manufacturing technology and products covered by patents of Ukraine.

MELTA products allowed number of Ukraine companies to develop productions of new competitive products, such as electronic single and three-phase electricity meters, compact welding machines, telephone exchanges, precision  current transformers and sensors, earth leakage breakers, converters for electric transport.

LLC “MELTA” works closely with many enterprises in electronic, instrument and electrical industries, and is always ready to work with new partners.